Play the Real Madrid Way!

Real Madrid Foundation Clinic

Hosted at TSC Hurricane

Tulsa, Oklahoma

August 6 to August 10, 2018
8:30am-12pm (Ages 7-11, All levels of play)
5:00pm-8:30pm (Ages 10-15, Advanced levels of play)


General Faq

Players can expect a wide variety of soccer activities with the host club. Football fitness drills, aerobic stretching, fun games, traditional games, and conditioning tasks all provided by the Real Madrid Foundation will be conducted by the host club coaches during the off-sessions.

Yes! We will have an opening ceremony 20 minutes prior to training on the first day for parents to meet the coaches and get familiar with the weekly schedule, and everything to expect throughout the week.

Yes! We will conduct a closing ceremony with the last 30 minutes of the day to present diplomas, take group pictures, and provide closing words.

Host clubs do plan on providing water stations for clinic participants, however these stations will serve merely as refill stations, so players must come equipped with their filled water container to begin each day.

Lunch will not be provided by the clinic. For a full day (6 hr) clinic, players are responsible for their lunch. Lunch does not apply to half day clinics.

Whether an indoor facility is present will differ from location to location. However, each host club will be aware of any potential inclement weather patterns and will have a procedure to take shelter if such factors arise throughout the clinic. The Real Madrid Foundation is also equipped with indoor classroom curriculum to continue the clinic indoors if the club has such amenities at their facilities.

If inclement weather such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc make themselves present, then clinics will be subject to cancellation.

All remaining diplomas will be left with the host club on the last day. It is then the responsibility of the player to contact the host club and arrange a time to pick up the diploma.

Prior to 60 days from the clinic, refund inquiries will be taken and processed. Clinics are nonrefundable if a non-injury related inquiry is made within 60 days of the clinic. A medical note must be provided if an injured player wishes to receive a refund within that 60 day window.

Yes! All Real Madrid Foundation coaches have been sent from Madrid and selected by the Technical Director of the Real Madrid Academy.

Keepers will be incorporated throughout the clinic when needed for particular drills or matches, however, there will not be any isolated/keeper-specific training.

The registration fee in all programs is to include one kit (comprising a jersey, shorts and socks) per participant. The kit is designed to resemble the 2017/2018 Real Madrid first-team home kit.

Uniforms distribution will depend on clinic location. We will attempt to give players the opportunity to pick up their uniforms the weekend prior to the clinic at the club offices or club retailer. If these arrangements cannot be made, uniforms will then be given out on the first day of the clinic. Our newsletters leading up to your clinic experience will communicate these details well in advance.