United Soccer Coaches

Scottish Football Association

Edinburgh (Scotland)
July 24 to 31, 2021
Scottish football association


Gp at goal

Scottish Football Association - Greig Paterson

Head of Coach Education and Development

“We, at the Scottish FA, are delighted to be offering this bespoke C License course and football experience package in tandem with United Soccer Coaches and Generation adidas International. We have a long-standing tradition and reputation of offering our Coach Education courses to individuals both in Scotland and overseas, with tens of thousands of coaches benefiting from undertaking our courses year after year. We are particularly excited to be able to offer a very specific, high-profile experience for United Soccer Coaches and Generation adidas International, which we will ensure to foster, develop and grow in the forthcoming months and years. We look forward to welcoming United Soccer Coaches and Generation adidas International to Scotland to undertake our Scottish FA C License, whilst also allowing them to benefit from some wonderful hospitality that we will afford them. Not only that, but successful completion of our C License course will stand them in good stead in their future coaching careers, as well as providing ease of access to future coach education courses here in Scotland.”